Hackberry Creek

Hackberry Creek Trail: August 15, 2015

Well, we did it.  Heat advisory…whatever.  Cooler up there and it had rained, so it was greener than last time.

We started out where we ended last time, off the 177 south of Superior.  Made our way to the trail where it joined with the powerline.  Very rocky and definitely difficult, but so much fun (at least that’s what I hear, I had my eyes closed).

It was much rockier than the first side, and way more technical. So many rocks…

Heading down powerline

Approaching Chevy Hill
Chevy Hill

Sure hope they don’t close it down for mining, but just in case, we did it.  Hopefully not the last time.



Hackberry Creek has been long rumored to be imminently closing…so we had to go see what was out there before we couldn’t.

We read all we could find about this mysterious trail, and didn’t find a definitive trail map to follow.  We have a really cool Garmin Montana 650, so we drew a trail on All Trails and uploaded it.

Then we read the book.  Turns out we had the trail on the Garmin all along, since we bought the SD card with all the Arizona trails on it.

Everything else we found took you the other way…so we followed the guide in the FunTreks book.

So we did what we do, we just went out and explored.  For a hot, dry June, it was really pretty green. Did I mention, HOT?

Greener than we expected for this time of year, but it’s been a pretty weird weather year so far, so not a big surprise really.

June 20, 106 degrees in the desert, 113 in the Valley.  Crazy though we are, we love to go explore with our friends. We have really great friends.  It’s a Jeep thing…you have to understand. Even a Toyota thing…great friends. Fun times, good people.

We came to a nice little meadow just about the time we needed a break for lunch.  Not quite half way, but a great spot to stop.  If it was cooler, a perfect camping spot.

We opted not to follow the Powerline trail since not everyone along for the ride had high clearance and lockers.  Everything we read told us those two things were required.

When it’s that hot out, you just don’t want to take a chance on breaking down out there. Not knowing what was to come, and seeing how difficult this hill was with a four inch lift, we did the smart, maybe not adventurous thing, and turned around.   Just not a good day to break stuff. 

So, we now believe all we heard and read, that it is, indeed a difficult trail!  If you want to make the entire loop, you just better be sure to have a lifted whatever-you-drive and lockers.  At least one.  Seriously.  We may have been able to drag all our buddies through it, but geez… it was hot out there. Winching just seemed like a bad, hot, lousy idea. 106 hot dry degrees.

 Did I mention, 106?

Anyway, not feeling like breaking anything and being stuck out there in the Arizona desert, we took the path less traveled and turned around and made our way home via SR177.  Still, not a bad drive and you get to see things that others will never know exist. Beautiful, extraordinary things.

Oak Flats Campground is the end of the trail


LOVE off-roading in this state. We have everything here. Mountains, pine trees, oak trees, creeks, dry creeks??, desert….except the beach.  Just the sand.

It’s always fun when the road ends. Always, even when it freakishly hot.