Crown King: Backroad

Crown King Run: October 2015

Six Jeeps, One Toyota and one Suzuki left the air down location at 9:45 am on a beautiful autumn day.  It was 78 degrees starting off, and by the time we got to Crown King it was in the 60s.  It cooled down into the 40s later that night. Nobody broke anything, and everyone had fun.  There were some challenges, but no problems for our drivers.  Every year when we do this, it’s like a different trail. Always interesting, challenging and fun.



Lunch at Fort Misery – Fajitas!

Trail Map

 Thanks for all the good times; Brian & Shannon, Zack & Chelsea, Steve, Heather & Payton, Mark, Dale and Andrew.

CROWN KING SEPTEMBER 2014: After the BIG Rain…

We had a great day running from Lake Pleasant up to Crown King.  The rain a few days before didn’t wreak as much havoc with the trail as some thought it might.  There were a few places where the road had washed away and it was pretty narrow, but we all made it through in good shape. 

It was a little more rocky than previously, but passable with clearance.  We made a new friend who we found needing a bit of help, so everyone jumped right in and pulled together to help.


May 3, 2014, thirteen of us took the road less traveled from Lake Pleasant to Crown King.  Great time, stopped for dinner at the Saloon then wandered on home.  What a great group of friends we have.  Jon did an amazing job with the GoPro!

This was our second trip on this trail, the first being November of 2012.  More of us this time, so more fun and more of a challenge too.  Rain does things to the trails, right?

Still waiting for the desert to bloom though…maybe next month.