Az Jeeperz Garage


A while back we purchased a really nice Smittybilt Compact Air System to air up after rides. Nice case, fancy tank, worked great.  Much faster than our ViAir, which is now our backup. We can air up our 35s and our son’s 37s a couple times on one tank.

We went to refill the bottle, and the guy at the welding supply told us he could have built us one for a lot less.  Lesson learned, passing that along.  A welding shop can build you one for under $100, ours was around $300.

Anyway, to refill the bottle each time would mean leaving it for a few days and returning to pick it up.  We opted for immediate gratification, and just swapped out the bottle.  That also meant that the Smittybilt Rollbar Mount wouldn’t necessarily fit different bottles as we replaced them.  

So we found this simple QuickFist Mount at Desert Rat, bolted two of them to the inside back of the Jeep near the rollbar.  Much nicer than a couple bungee cords.  



We added a new 50 foot hose to reach all the tires from the inside where it’s mounted.  Found a bag on Amazon that is sturdy, military grade canvas for the hose.









Sturdy, doesn’t make a sound and easily removed for tank exchange (which is about $15 per exchange).


We went to the Nitto Offroad Expo in Phoenix and found some cool little lights that we installed as rock lights.  Here’s a little video of the installation.

Let us know if you’d like to add a how to video to this page, or something you’d like to see.