Log Corral to Bartlett 2.10.18

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It’s time for our long awaited ride out to Bartlett Reservoir through Log Corral trail.   It’s usually warm when we get there, bring sunblock, hats and lots of water. There are NO trees, just a lot of sand.

Technical stuff: Fearless leader says you will need at least one locker to get through the tight and rockier sections, and if you have stock tires and no lift, you will likely drag the belly of your rig across some rocks.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Meet: Four Peaks turn off the Beeline (87) (map)

Time: Meet 8am, leave for the trail 8:30 sharp (remember, early is on time, on time is late)


Bring snacks and a lunch to stop at the lake, then we will make our way either back out the way we go in, or more likely the long road home back out to the 87 north of Sunflower.  Usually busy this time of year, and weather is perfect out there.

Let us know if you plan to show!

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