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Ready for wheeling and camping? Saturday, October 14th!  There are NO fire restrictions currently in the Prescott National Forest!  Please let us know if you plan to go so we have a count and know how many to plan for.  Read the details below:

  • Meet:   McDonalds parking lot at Carefree Highway & I-17
  • Start:   7:30 meet up, leave for the trail at 8:00AM, Sharp!
  • Communication:   CB Radio, channel 4,, or message us at FB-AzJeeperz

Details:  Some of us are planning to camp overnight at the end of the trail just before the town of Crown King. Those of you who don’t wish to camp can take the road out to the 17.  We should make it to camp by 4pm, giving us time to set up. The bar is just down the road a bit and has beer and burgers to satisfy and get to you on the road. We will stop for breaks along the trail, so bring snacks and drinks.

If you plan to camp, please message me so we can coordinate food, etc.

This is a pretty busy trail most weekends.  There are bypasses for the more difficult obstacles, so stock vehicles can easily make this run.  There are also some fun rocky hills if you choose that line.

Trail info can be found in the FunTreks guide book on page 90, or click HERE for a link to the AllTrails map.

Average temperatures are around 75 in the daytime and mid 40s at night for the middle of October, so layer, it gets downright chilly up there at night.

Hope to see lots of Jeeperz out there!


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