PYEATT DRAW, 9.16.17

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What a perfect day to get out of the heat and go to the mountains. Pine trees, cool air, lots of rocks, friends with Jeeps…what more can a Jeeper ask for?

Thanks to Kory and Jack (and Charlie) for coming with us on the last minute run. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to make this trail.

Pyeatt is not a long trail, but it can be technical if you pick the rocky lines. There are bypass routes if you don’t have the clearance, or the skid plates. Still a beautiful trail either way.  At the end you are rewarded with what is known as “the filter”. A waterfall that commands respect. Those with rock crawlers or 40″ tires and 1/2 ton axles…or those of us who choose to winch can make it up.

We chose wisely, not to attempt it this time. Brian made it last time, so knowing that you can is enough some times. Sometimes those with daily drivers are a bit more cautious, and wiser than the rest of us.

The scenery rivals any other here. Cool air and pine trees at this time of year are a welcome change from the “seven inches from the midday sun” experience we have daily in the valley. Still, in September. But it’s getting better. Finally. WHAT A LONG SUMMER!

Jack and Charley, and Kory were welcome company as usual. We have a really great group of Jeeperz and we appreciate them all, especially on a last minute ride like this. Katie, we missed you, and just know you would have loved this trail!

Brian checking the other Brian’s flex…
Yeah, guess that was worth it, Thanks Andrew (LetzRoll Offroad)!
Parking on Dad’s Jeep

Next month, Crown King!  Hope to see all our Jeeperz out there,  where the pavement ends and the fun times always begin.


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