Sedona Trails and Camp Out June 2017

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We started off at the Red Rock District Ranger Station & Visitor Center where we met up.  The Manager of the Ranger Station came out and talked with us and handed out maps.  She asked our plan, and when we told her we planned to camp on the west side on a forest road, she told us about a great place where we could have a campfire, just a few miles closer to Flagstaff.  Campfire? Yes, please.

So we ran Outlaw Trail first.  It was beautiful and scenic, didn’t really need 4 wheel drive, but it was worth the drive anyway. 19114051_10209236847947007_1111536107475753198_nIMG_0104IMG_0006

Then we went across to Diamondback Gulch (aka Greasy Spoon).  Still really pretty, but a bit more adventure there.  Would be fun to run that one in the other direction and climb the rocky hills instead of descend them.19113901_10209236848187013_4951999705936455149_n

Then we traveled on up north, where we found a perfect location, thanks to Mark and Tawnya.19247711_10209244031086581_2948045880287104875_n

Harvey and Kristal were snuggled up under a grove of trees, such a cute spot!19247632_10209244032406614_1919365202010271208_n

Chicken fajitas, so many chicken fajitas!  And bacon wrapped cheese dogs! And then, of course beer and wine!19225839_10209244031606594_4329723134395280367_n19225897_10209244032486616_6184962898673777170_n19225050_10209244031686596_5229837832340051370_n19105774_10209244031646595_5957867549125306296_n19225255_10209244031286586_4687347044627120342_n19145841_10209244031046580_163098812654964134_n19145828_10209244032286611_2977717933041177657_n19145772_10209244033726647_7277897209971061691_n19113561_10209244032526617_7039179707935114668_n

What we hadn’t planned on was the temperature drop!  Man it got cold on Saturday night.19105951_10209244032046605_475734268435414342_n20170610_18502919092892_10209244031006579_5913546041995451448_o19105633_10209244030926577_299105990650510574_n19060076_10209244032126607_9223260864446607902_n19105875_10209244032806624_689234728119668490_n

It was great to be able to have a campfire, because we really needed it! 19113754_10209244033486641_4112137297431062820_n19105884_10209244035246685_8315411192743718499_n

Thanks to all who came along and made it a really fun day and night!  We won’t plan a ride in July – Brian is doing Ouray trails and we are off to Durango.  Possibly a night ride i August, but planning another camping trip in the fall sometime.

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