Smiley Rock: May 7, 2017

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We had a great time yesterday, and a perfect day in the mountains.  The trail map is below; click it for a link to the GPX file from FunTreks. The trail is about 23 miles long, beginning just past the fire station in Jerome.  It’s a fire road for about14 miles, then it gets more fun. This is a full day trail, taking your time makes it more fun.  The trail itself is mostly a fire road, unless you get adventurous and take the rocky wash, then it’s fun times.  Still a beautiful trail either way, but we did mostly the wash. There are a few places where you can’t get through in the wash. Scroll down to check out the video clips below.

Check out the trail recorded yesterday on AllTrails – below is the map of the actual route, I marked the waypoints on the recording from yesterday, but stopped when we went off the trail at the end so I didn’t use that one here.

Two places to watch for so you don’t miss the trail. Left turn at about 7.5 miles, you will see a yellow sign. Then under the power lines, a second left at about 14 miles to the wash and Martin Canyon where you will find Smiley Rock.

No video this time, I’m taking a break, but below are clips that you can download if you wish.

We had seven Jeeps for the ride, too bad the others didn’t make it, this is a fun ride. Big thanks to Paul, Chris, Kory, Harvey, Alex, Danny, Chuck and Brian and all the family and friends who made this a great day!

Just past the cow trough on the right, heading into the good stuff

Down into the wash.

The giant boulders on the left side of the quarry continue to evade Brian, his Jeep wasn’t having it today, last time it was so snowy we couldn’t even find the wash, and before that, raining and slick.  Guess we have to go back again and give it a fourth attempt – maybe Arman and Mark can make it and do the full trail!

Just as you exit the quarry, or pass it on the road, on the left is Smiley.

After Smiley you have a few miles of rocky Martin Canyon, parts have no bypass, so be prepared to pick your line and take your time.

Exit the trail onto 89A, then make your way back to the 17 via Fail road to Camp Verde or through Prescott and out to Cordes Junction.  If you want to make a camping trip of this, there are GREAT spots to set up camp at the end of the trail.

Thanks everyone, see you next month!



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