New Event: China Dam/Fort Tule

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If you are finding this post on Facebook, please click the link below to follow it to our website so that you have all the information you need on this ride.  Many times we get asked questions about rides we post that are all answered on the website, but it seems not everyone clicks through from FB to get the details.

Date: April 23

Time: 8:00am meet, leave for the trail 8:30am.

Meet: McDonald’s, Carefree Highway at the I-17 exit, east side of the freeway. Gas, food available.

Leader: Kory Burden

Communications: CB Channel 4

Fort Tule

This trail takes you to two historic structures; a dam on Humbug Creek named China Dam (constructed by a Chinese crew), and an old miner’s cabin at the Tule Creek Riparian Area.

If you’ve been to Crown King, you will know this road, same way in except you take a right off Cow Creek heading east instead of continuing north on Castle Hot Springs.

China Dam & Fort Tule are located North of Lake Pleasant, East of Cow Creek Road. The trail is rated moderate for stock high-clearance 4×4 vehicles per the Arizona Back Roads Fun Treks book, and is steep and rocky in places. Camping is allowed with no fee or pass required if you are so inclined.

The trail is about 8.2 miles each way, so around four hours travel in and out.  We plan to stop at the Riparian Preserve for a lunch break then hike down to Ft. Tule for those interested.

For more in depth information, click this link to read about the area and history of China Dam and Ft. Tule.

See you there!

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