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Hackberry is a trail to remember. When Brian gives me requirements to post on a ride, he means it. Not messing around, just trying to get us all through without breaking down or anyone getting hurt.  Or taking ALL day.

Airing down at Oak Flats Campground.

Coming around to Powerline Hill

Perfect weather for a trail ride.  We meant to make a loop down from Oak Flat Campground where we aired down, around  Powerline and over to Chevy Hill and back to the campground. Sort of a figure 8, but we will attempt it another time.

Starting down Powerline Hill

The trail was rougher, so we weathered a few challenges.

Powerline Hill was technical, steep and rocky but the steep hill after that, well, that is another thing entirely.

Here’s where you actually might have to winch yourself up with help from a friend or two, or ten.


We now know this as Suburban Hill.  You really need to be prepared for this hill.  It’s after Powerline Hill, and it’s a rocky challenge that will test skill and equipment.  Top of this hill, after what you can see here, it gets pretty serious.

Suburban Hill

Down there, it the trees…great spot for lunch.


Then you are rewarded with a cool place to take a break and have lunch with friends.  And when your friends don’t come around the corner, you go look for them.  And drive the trail backwards.  Cool.

Big thanks to all our friends for coming out and hanging in on a really long day.  What a good time.

See you all next month hopefully.  Stay tuned.


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