2017 Trip Planning

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Well Happy New Year Jeeperz! We are off to a crazy start over here. Brian’s Jeep is getting all kinds of new abilities added on, he’s getting his shoulder put back together, and both Chuck and I are now retired.  You would think that means we have more time…we shall see, we’ve not sat down yet (at least it feels that way).

We hope to get Brian’s Jeep back this week, so will plan a ride for February, a sort of shake down for the Storm Trooper (she used to be called Betty White, but for obvious reasons, she had a name change).  Chuck will be our driver, and Brian our navigator, since the poor guy is a one-armed bandit these days.

We are planning to go to Box Canyon down by Florence and if time permits, on to Ajax Mine.  Tentatively planning the 12th (yes, it’s a Sunday, we will be in God’s country, what can I say).  I will post more information as we get it nailed down.

Later sometime this year we would like to revisit Walnut Canyon also.  Hackberry is off the map now.  If you want to know why, read this article.  You might want to sit down and (maybe have a beer handy) read this one.  Apache Leap is also mentioned, hopefully it will be spared as sacred, historic ground.

If you have any other suggested trails for this year, let us know and we will research it.

Ride on Jeeperz!

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