Raxiom LED Headlight Kit

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We haven’t been happy with the OEM lighting on our JK, so we decided to try an aftermarket adapter kit to take it to LED for some more lumens and whiter light.

It took less than an hour to install the new lights, a simple plug and play wire harness. After we installed them, we adjusted the lights.  We had never done that after the lift, they were never bright enough that anyone ever noticed or flashed their lights at us. We found that they were almost 3 feet too high.

The ‘after’ was taken in a more rural area than the ‘before’ photo above, but the difference is amazing.  It no longer looks like two flashlights taped to the front of the Jeep.

We purchased the Raxiom LED Light Kit from Extreme Terrain for $100. Pretty big bang for the buck I would say. They came with no instructions, which we find fairly often with Jeep parts, but the Extreme Terrain website had instructions with photos for a very similar model, so easy peasy.  We didn’t completely remove the grill, just the top and found it easy to access.

We found the instructions to align your headlights on WayaLife which worked out great.  Took her for a spin in the country and what a difference.

I guess we will see how they hold up and perform in time, but for now we’re pretty happy with them.



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