Crown King 2016

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Well, it was different, that’s for sure!  We usually take our time, stop and talk and have a nice, relaxing day on the trail.  We wanted to be sure to get to the town before people started coming back DOWN the trail at us.airdownpanorama14517567_1398205730209144_8334064323317202482_n

There must have been close to 100 side by sides and others at the air down spot this time, usually, one or two at the most.

We had a great group, nine total, good size for this trail. We keep finding the nicest people, I keep saying I never met a person I didn’t like in a Jeep.

dennisThe trail was rougher than in the past, expected that because of the rain this summer.  We didn’t stop at Fort Misery for lunch as we normally do, and it just didn’t feel right. But we got into town in time for the chili cookoff, and we were all so busy…didn’t get a single photo of it.

I have to say, I totally enjoyed not having to take all the photos, Joel is such a great guy, and he takes much better photos than I do, so I’m really happy when he does!!

We post these ride to help others if and when they want to run the trails, and it’s great to post photos that speak volumes.

We haven’t planned the next ride yet, but I sure hope some of our noobies show up for it, they are all great people and we are so happy to have them along. This is how it’s supposed to be, just having fun, no stress and good times.

and here’s your video…

Thanks for riding along where the pavement ends!

See you all on down the trail.


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