Crown King Oct. 8, 2016 (For the Chili Cookoff)

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Everyone is ready to get out of the valley’s heat, and what better time to go to Crown King, than their 32nd Annual Fall Chili Cook-Off at Crown King Saloon!8e2ae-dscn2589

  • Meet: McDonalds parking lot at Carefree Highway & I-17
  • Start: 7:00 meet up, leavefor the trail at 7:30AM, Sharp!
  • Communication: CB Radio, channel 4,, or message us a FB-AzJeeperz

Details: Not stopping for lunch on the trail so we can (maybe) get into town in time to get a parking spot (right, sure we will) in town.  It will be a pretty busy trail, so we want to keep moving, but we will stop for breaks along the trail.Please sound off if you plan to go so we have a count and know how many to plan for.

Trail info can be found in the FunTreks guide book on page 90. Average temperatures are around 75 in the daytime and high 40s at night for the beginning of October.  Bradshaw Rangers station reports they’ve had a lot of rain and the trail may be rough.  There are bypasses for the more difficult obstacles.

Crown King Run: October 2015

Here’s the video from last year’s run, but expect the trail to be different, it is every time we go.

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