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July 30, 2016, it was a dark and stormy night, and lightening, lots of lightening.

13913745_1332876210075430_8755064065129192908_oWe got really lucky with the weather, just hot and a few sprinkles, and a great lightening show, but NO RAIN!!

13912533_1137502592981389_8108239349863025101_n (1)

I can’t tell you how surprised we were to have 19 Jeeps show up for the ride!  How very brave of all those new folks to trust us. We met some really nice new friends with Jeeps.


Thanks to everyone who came out, and many thanks to those who shared their photos.  I was slacking on this ride and didn’t get many, so it was great to get them to share with everyone here.

There were no surprises on the trail, it’s a fairly easy trail that requires just 4 wheel drive, no extra clearance for the trail, only for some of the more technical, optional hills.


We didn’t make it to cove 1 since it was a Saturday and pretty crowded, 19 rigs would have not packed into the area well.


Cove 2 was good, only a couple campers who didn’t mind us at all.  Good time to get to know each other and talk about our rigs.


We took a short cut out since it was beginning to rain and we didn’t want to get caught in the storm (heard it hit pretty hard in some places)


Shout out to Jillie for holding up Zack’s rig for him.

Here’s hoping that some of our new friends will join us on future rides, and maybe suggest some new trails to explore!


We try to mix it up and include every skill and build level on our rides. We also like it to be family friendly, so we’re not a club, just a bunch of people with the same crazy passion for off-roading and Arizona trails.  We get to see things others don’t even know exist. Like a million stars on a dark and stormy night..and lightening shows.

Special thanks to all our new friends who showed up and also for sharing photos.

See you on down the road, on Wickenburg Trail in September!!

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