Pyeatt Draw Wash: May 14, 2016

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Well, the votes are in, and it was close;  May 14 is the winner for this trip. Please spread the word, the more, the merrier and we want lots of merry.DSCN2194

Apologies to those who wanted to go over Memorial Day, it just didn’t work out for us this time.  Hopefully you will join us on our next trip, tentatively a night trip since it’s getting warmer.

Pyeatt Draw is just north of Payson, off of Houston Mesa Road.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place with tall pines and cooler weather, lots of nice big rocks and boulders.  If you would like to camp overnight, we plan to find a good spot and camp.  I just checked fire restrictions, and there are none at this point.

Average temperatures for Payson are 79 for days, and 43 for nights. We have a camp stove and a grill, and hopefully a campfire, so let’s plan a simple meal of burgers and sides, sort of a cookout potluck.

For breakfast we can take our time and make some breakfast burritos, so bring whatever fixings you like.

The trail is just over four miles in, and we hope to find a place to camp near the waterfall or just beyond, whatever we can find.  If you don’t want to camp, it’s not a long ride back out on the forest road.

We will meet up at the McDonald’s in Payson (no, we don’t have a thing for McD’s, just happens to be an easy spot to meet up).  We will head north to the gas station in the Home Depot parking lot to top off before beginning the trail.

Date: May 14thmap

Time: Meet 8:30 am, leave McD’s at 9

Meet: McDonald’s in Payson

Channel 4 CB for those of you who have one.  Bring firewood, water and food. You will want to air down, so be prepared.



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