Pyeatt Draw May 2016 – Payson Area

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Payson should be amazing this time of year.  We’ve done Pyeatt in June, July and October, never in the spring.  There are several places to camp too, either at the beginning or the end if we plan an overnight.

This is a great trail, and if you don’t want to take the rocky road, there is a forest road that runs adjacent to the wash, but most everyone we know can make this without bypassing.DSCN2194

The wash is fairly rocky, which makes for some fun along the way.  Also makes for some cool photo opportunities.



Lower clearance vehicles may want to go around the filter section, or get winched up it.

This area is called “the filter”, guessing because it filters out the lower clearance vehicles.

At the end of the wash you meet the waterfall.  None of us attempted it, pretty intimidating if you don’t have a winch and a little assistance.  It’s a great spot for a cookout though.20140621_135436

We haven’t decided if this is a camp out yet, or which day to go, so please fill out the poll included here so we can get the most people to go. Always more fun with more people!

Check out the link to see our last ride there in October: Pyeatt Draw: October 2015

Stay tuned for more info!


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