Last Call: Log Corral Feb. 20th

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304d3-dsc_16765b55dLooks like a pretty warm ride Saturday.  Bring sunblock!  And lots of water!

Water level is 44% for Bartlett, last year it was 67% and we made it across to the little island, so easy to get across this time too.  We plan to do a little cookout/potluck on the island before turning around and heading out.


We will supply the grill, hotdogs and buns.  Oh, and of course the EZ Up for shade. We do need to know who plans to come along so we have enough food for everyone, so please respond if you plan to go.

We have a volunteer for potato salad, plates and forks, as well as condiments.

I count 9 attending as of right now, in 6 jeeps.

Here’s a link to our last ride there if you want to see the trail: Log Corral, March 2015

Hope to see you all out there!


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